Nutrition Clinic
(Fit Body & Healthy Lifestyle)


The specialist Rana Assaf 

This section aims to motivate people following a healthy lifestyle to be protected from obesity and chronic diseases. Our nutritionists do their best to provide you with comprehensive services and social education to enhance your knowledge of the importance of healthy food with the encouragement of an active lifestyle as these two are considered to be the bases of mental and physical health. With the assistance of the most accurate and effective devices to measure and analyze the body’s components from weight, fats, salts, and liquids and by following the latest methods and diet strategies with monitoring and controlling the body weight to protect your health and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Clinic Services

  • Weight control of males and females.
  • Weight control of kids and teenagers.
  • Weight control of some morbidity cases.
  • Weight control during pregnancy, post-term birth and during breastfeeding.
  • Plans for athletes
  • Prepared diet meals with delivery services
  • Diet and workout plans for gaining and losing weight/