About us

Sama Medical Care was established 4 years ago, to deliver high-quality health care services. The center provides a serene comfortable atmosphere believing that it’s an essential factor alongside the doctors’ professionalism to make our patients feel better today and healthier tomorrow. Sama Medical Care features itself on offering exceptional compassionate care and personalized attention carried by a dedicated staff of excellent doctors and perfectly trained nurses, under the roof of the luxury environment of featuring elite services, state-of-the-art diagnosis, technologies of treatment and imaging devices.

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Our Vision

We aspire to provide exceptional health services in a calm and relaxed atmosphere with a touch of luxury, for a healthier lifestyle to the community.

Our MIssion

To constantly improve the quality of patient care, ensuring complete fulfillment of the highest values and ethics of medical treatment and implementing global standards. Thus, our mission is also to develop a healthy lifestyle for our community.

We are committed to improving community health care, and through this commitment, we will strive to provide high-quality healthcare services to enrich the lives of people in the communities